Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Our JustIngredients Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is...

  • Cold Pressed

  • Non Bleached

  • Non Deodorised

  • Non GMO

  • Unrefined

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Introducing our brand-new JustIngredients Pure Virgin Coconut Oil.

Our pure-pressed coconut oil can be used for frying, roasting or baking but also used in place of butter for spreading! It can even be used as a natural skin moisturiser.

Carefully sourced from fresh coconuts in Sri Lanka our fantastic Coconut Oil is not only great for your health but is also one of the best tasting out there! We should know, we eat lots...

Quality boosting attributes:

  • Cold Pressed
  • Non Bleached
  • Non Deodorised 
  • Non GMO
  • Unrefined

All of the above means our Coconut Oil is packed with MCT's (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which are used instantly for energy rather than being stored as fat. They boost your metabolism and have been proven to aid weight loss.

Coconut Oil is also high in Lauric acid which has been said to help boost the immune system and protect against bacteria, and viruses.

Top tip!  Try adding 1 tbsp of our coconut oil to your morning coffee for a tasty burst of health fats and a boost of energy.

For more recipes and ideas like combining Coconut with Turmeric to make Golden paste, head over to our blog here - Benefits of Turmeric


What our customers say...

"This is by far the tastiest Coconut oil I've come across - and I've tried many! It's deliciously smooth in texture and literally melts on the tongue. I never used to be fussy when it came to coconut oil brands but now I've tried JustIngredients Certified Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, I don't think my taste buds will settle for anything less!"

"I can’t recommend JustIngredients Organic Coconut Oil enough! It's the perfect health and beauty combo product."

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